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Rev. Crozier is an ordained minister through the Center for Creative Living

Reverend Crozier does beautiful nondenominational weddings, as well as give dynamic informational & spiritual workshops, classes, speaking engagements, and more.  You can view some examples of these through this site.

"I believe the wedding day is your day, your once in a lifetime dream, and an opportunity to share an intimate expression of your union."


Reverend Crozier is available to perform weddings as well as assist you in the creation of a unique and personal wedding ceremony that reflects your spiritual beliefs.  This is your celebration and should reflect what you believe to be true about marriage. While some weddings might be elaborate and very formal, others might take on a more simple flair, while still others might be intimately private. Each couples needs are unique, and Reverend Crozier holds steadfast to, "Your Wedding, Your Way, Your Day !"

Delores' faith is a synthesis of the truths consistent in all the world's great religions.

With Reverend Crozier's guidance, you can compose your own personal vows and thus create your own very special and very personal wedding ceremony. You also have the option of using already prepared vows and book references can always be used just "as is", or even slightly altered. You also choose your own special setting ... be it in your backyard, at the beach, amid the majesty of the sea shore, or mountains, or in a traditional church.  A hot air-balloon even is an option.

Please call and we can work to create that very special, and very perfect wedding just for you.

Reverend Crozier is available to travel, to provide counseling, and to assist in all aspects of your wedding.

- Rev. Delores Crozier, Ordained Minister

 503-739-0076  or 503-739-6197



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