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The Pop_Mikado Night


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The Pop_Mikado Night
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Our own Lucy D'Mot, being involved in the musical arrangement, was successful in putting together a group picnic - "Saturday night at the theatre" event in the Fair Oaks Village Park. CCL'ers who showed up were neither disappointed by the food, nor the performance.

CCL'ers showed up with plenty of food and good spirits. Few knew the great fun that lay ahead.

Lucy explains the "procedure" to interested CCL'ers.

Reverend Delores listens intuitively and knows what is soon to follow.

The 'PopMakado' is a rather enjoyable characterization of the well known operetta "The Mikado", by Gillbert & Sullivan. The Fair Oaks Village troupe does an outstanding job of entertaining the audience and springing surprise after surprise. Do yourself a favor and go see it.

This picture does not do justice to the finale of "PopMakado". You gotta go see it.

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